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Let them Rent!

by Brian O'Heron

To whom it may concern:

I am the elder son of a working-class family from Torrington CT. My Mother and Father couldn’t afford a cottage on Highland Lake so we had to Rent for a week or so, or go to a nearby beach for a day or so in the Summertime. No one had private swimming pools in those days so lakes, ponds and streams were the only alternative for non-Chlorinated water (at the Y) to swim in.

Highland Lake was then mainly occupied by people of means. Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Store Owners and Business Owners etc.

Young Brian (12 or so) and brother Dennis at a rented cottage on Perch Rock Trail (rented for a week one Summer).

Many families or groups of chaperoned children rented Highland Lake Cottages for a week or more each Summer and usually got along well with their neighbors and other renters and visitors.

In 1960, or so, the lake was raised about 4’, or so, to accommodate the water sky and other pleasure boats. This wiped out most of the public and private Beaches and around the lake.

In 1974 when older and earning a good living my wife Joyce and I were able to afford a Simmer Cottage at Highland Lake for use by members of our extended families and friends in the Summertime. Over the last 45 years we have evolved our properties and are our family is now one of the highest taxpayers on the Lake.

When young we got to like the lake by renting and visiting friends that were renting. I met my future wife of 57 years here when in college one summer and we spent our retirement years here, much to her pleasure, after travelling as a business executive over much of the World.

Renting is good for all! Let people rent as long as they respect others and follow any simple rules of conduct that may be necessary as they did in the past when many cottages and homes were rented to help pay the mortgage, taxes and other cottage related expenses.

I also suggest that you delay any Public Hearings on the matter until the Winter absentees return for the Summer months and give residents and business owners as much advance notice as possible.

I believe that If a Petition is circulated with balanced reasoning and a few signs are put up around the Lake asking P&Z to minimize any changes to the current ability to rent, and the financial havoc to all that some of the changes may cause, is distributed around the Lake, Town of Winchester and the City of Winsted many possible negatively impacted home owners, and many business owners, will sign it.

Do the right thing! Call YOUR Selectmen and Town Manager at 860 379 2713. Tell them to Let them rent!

Brian O‘Heron, Highland Lake, Winsted CT













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