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Editor's note re news of Winsted Board of Selectpersons Race, 2017: Winsted News has invited, and again invites all candidates for Selectmen and other openings for local Winchester public office this November to email Winsted News updates and notes/news to re their campaigns and proposals for voters to consider before voting in the upcoming November elections.  So far, Brian O'Heron is the only candidate to take the opportunity to do so here.  


Brian O'Heron: Campaign Updates re his run for Selectman in Winsted

Basic Resume for Brian M. O’Heron, (courtesy of Brian):

Brian and Joyce were born in Torrington, CT.

Brian graduated from Kansas University where he obtained a BA Degree in Mathematics and then joined the fledgling rapidly growing Computer Industry where he started as a Computer Programmer and proceeded over the early years through the ranks of Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Program Manager, Director, Vice President, part owner, and Consultant.

Brian began as a programmer with Douglas Aircraft Corporation in Santa Monica, CA. working on the Skybolt Missile Program. When that was cancelled by President Kennedy he joined the RAND Corporation off-shoot System Development Corporation (SDC) and was a Programmer on the U.S Air Force Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) System located in Phoenix, Arizona. He then joined Philco Ford as a programmer at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland helping to program the NASA System computers. He next joined Litton Industries to help program the Navy Tactical Defense System (NTDS) located in Glenco, Georgia. He was then recruited to join the UNIVAC International Air Line Center in London, England where he became a Programmer and then Project Manager on the British European Airlines (BEA) Reservations System, Scandinavian Airlines Reservation System (SAS) in Copenhagen, Denmark and the SITA Message Switching System located in Rome, Italy.

He then moved into executive positions that included Director of UNIVAC’s International Real Time Center in London, England, Director of Systems and Technical Support for UNIVAC’s Americas Division (U.S.A., Canada, and South America), Director of Systems and Technical Support and New Range Systems for International Computers Ltd (ICL) headquartered in London, England, President and Chief Operating Officer of Grundy Environmental Systems located in San Diego, CA., President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO} of Internet Systems Corporation headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Management Consultant to Software A.G a German computer database Company located near Washington D.C., Director of Computer Systems for Telerate Corporation a distributor of Financial Information headquartered in New York City, Director of Computer Systems for NYNEX Telephone Corp ( NYC and Boston, MA),Technical Consultant to the IRS, Washington D.C. Vice President of SAPIENT Corporation in Boston MA., and London, England and then Retirement.

Brian and Joyce have 3 children, with a total of 4 well earned Master’s Degrees from good schools, and 4 grandchildren. Brian and Joyce now live in a home at Highland Lake in Winsted, CT that they purchased in 1974 and have added to over the years. They have lived in 3 countries in 7 cities and Brian has travelled more than 10M miles during his career in business.

Brian has been trying to “Make Winsted Financially Great Again” since his retirement in 2002, so far to no avail as things seem to be much worse!

On the campaign trail with Brian: Campaign Updates and Notes:

   dateline: September 16th, 2017:  click  for Brian's latest appearance on Cable Access. Brian notes that he believes "the studio goofed and didn't play last night but wiil tonight at 7PM and Sunday at 8:02 PM and Sunday 8:02 PM or so Channel 191  and next week at regular times."  "Guests: VP Pence and Donald Trump."  Brian has also submitted other info for voters to consider at:    as well as these apparent endorsements which Winsted News has been unable to confirm:


(Editor's observation: Can't wait for Brian to get elected and start applying for all those federal infrastructure grants to help our town!)

   dateline: August 29th, 2017: The Republican American reported today that local resident and fiscal conservative, Brian O'Heron, will be running for Selectman this year. Brian has been active in providing positive feedback to various members of various Boards of Selectmen in Winchester over the years, and also, and importantly, seeking information and offering his important views to our Town Managers and Finance personnel as well. Now Brian is throwing his ring into a run to represent the voters - and while 'unaffiliated', will run on a newly created 'Tump Winsted Party' in a town that voted for now-president Trump 1.6 to 1 last year.  Brian has years of finance, accounting, computer and other experience and a pleasant, engaging approach to people he meets, -and he has met many local voters over the years in town. In addition to his finance skills and experience, an important goal Brian has for Winchester/Winsted is to 'grow the Grand List' by encouraging more local economic growth and development. To learn more about Brian in his own words click his latest production, " State VS Towns and Cities and the Winsted, and Torrington Response, plus comparisons to 5 or 6 Planks in the Trump Winsted Universal Platform" at :