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About Us


What and Where?  A free, online newspaper serving residents of Winchester/Winsted, Connecticut and nearby towns.

Who: (tm, copyright, 2015 -2018), Inc., c/o Alan DiCara (and friends), South Rd, Winsted, CT 06098  (Mail me any inquiries, news and event and other info, and ad copy and text. I will do my best to get them in. Note: no obscenities or defamatory remarks whatsoever so keep it clean.) 

When published:  When we can.  Weekly. Monthly and in between, as we are able. Submissions welcome if mailed via US Mail to the above address. Local/area history, news, event notices, City News Notes, Opinions, and interesting pictures (but please know none will be returned). Note please: no guarantee your info or pics can or will be published but we will try, depending on volume.