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 Winsted Area Weather: History and Summary:

"50/50" WINSTED AREA WEATHER:  Winsted area weather today is assured, 100%. Chances of precip or Sun are '50/50', more or less, but 

     -in Winter, it will be COLD. Usually. Storms come in from either the West or from the South or Southwest. If from the South, then chances are it may well turn into a Nor'Easter and offer snow, sleet or rain or some of all 3, along with winds from about 10mph to 60mph (gales usually).  If from the West, Winter storms here often go North lately, especially if there is COLD air over Winsted and CT to push them North of us - in which case, precip will be less but COLD will be likely. 

     -in Summer: weather will usually be HOTTER than people like. Hence air conditioning and high electric bills. Some days in June and many in July and August (1st 2 weeks in August usually too) are often hotter than other days in other 'Summer' (and Spring and Fall) months.    

     -In Spring and Fall we can and do get rain, snow, sleet, high or low or moderate temps during Spring and Fall, and usually when we'd prefer something other than what we are getting.  50/50, more or less. Ditto Sun or Clouds!  An early Spring can mean fruit and veggie plants are destroyed, especially of warm weather (false Spring days) are followed by colder, Winter-like weather and temps which can and do kill Springtime flowers and pollination, reducing pleasantness of Spring overall.  Alternative: buy some fake flowers imported from China usually and prepare to pay more for veggies and fruit you hoped to grow yourself.   Or move to a warmer, friendlier climate.


Guaranteed News:    taxes will be going up but wait! This is NOT news!

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